Friday, 27 May 2016

Not all is comfort and joy

I know I like it hot, but sometimes I just wish for a little cool. Last night for example when my aircon broke down and I had the most unbelievably sticky night at 35 degrees. I opened my windows for some air, but then there were so many trucks going down the road outside in the night that it was almost impossible to get any sleep at all.

I made the decision this morning that breakfast in the airconditioned restaurant was more important than 1) calling the engineer and 2) sitting outside for breakfast like I usually do. That, at least, was a good decision!

Now I have to sit in my hot and sticky room, by the window, wallowing in the tiny breeze that comes as respite and hope the engineer comes to rescue me asap. I have very little work today - more's the pity, but I'm heading on down to the pool for my exercise session at 11 and will enjoy the cool of the water.

It hasn't helped that I received my first mozzie bite yesterday too. So last night was not only sticky and hot, but itchy too. Not the best!

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