Thursday, 5 May 2016

Making my mind up

It's not long now until I jet off to Thailand. I'm so looking forward to some sunshine with heat behind it as I'm still in my down jacket for most of the time here in Scotland. We always smile and say things like 'Well it's not windy or raining today, so it's all good', but actually it's not. And when the sun comes out we rush around like lunatics trying to get some of that Vitamin D. So sunny climes are a complete draw and I know I'm super lucky to be going off to work in such a lovely place as Hua Hin.

But then I've got my holiday in Australia to come too. And it'll be winter there. Still I've got my squashable down coat and jacket and vest to take with me, so I shouldn't feel too cold. But where will I spend my time? That's the big question and I keep changing my mind.

I'm now wondering if I should change my plans to extend my trip so that I can head to Perth to see my musician pal Jim, who's said he wants me to come and visit. Given that I'm landing in Sydney and Perth is the other side of the country, this isn't the best of plans, but then I want to see my friends while I'm there and I can't help it that they live on opposite parts of Australia.

Also I had made a huge mistake in timing. I have been given a wonderful opportunity to do a webinar with someone I've become friendly with on the internet. She runs a service called Red Pen, which is all about editing your writing for yourself and is an author too. Anyway, she offered me this gig to promote my book and I'm very grateful to her for that. It's going to be happening on the 6th June when I'm in Australia. But I'd totally forgotten that Sydney is 9 hours ahead of UK and so it'll actually be 7th of June there when I'm speaking.

So now I've had to extend my initial stay in Sydney (where I know I'll have stable internet and be in one place in a hotel room with no interruptions so can chat online to my heart's content) until the 7th. Do I have time to get to Perth? Should I stay longer in Sydney? Or should I head back to Thailand to visit with another friend, who's invited me to visit with him in Chiang Mai instead of staying in Bangkok for several days? Or do I junk the extra Thai days and stay in Australia for longer?

Decisions, decisions. And that's not all. The other logistical nightmare is the hard copy of my book. This typeface or that? Size of font? Cover, should it be matte or shiny?

I've not really made my mind up about any of this and I'm hoping that all will be revealed to me very soon. At least it had better be as time is running out!

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