Monday, 9 May 2016

Garden tales

The sun is shining and my hedgehog loves coming out and snooping round the garden and doesn't mind me getting close. I've still got some hedgehog food, so if he's out at the same time as me at lunch time, I put some in a little dish for him and we sit very companionably and have our lunch together.

Eating lunch

Climbing out of the dish once lunch is finished
My Australia plans have also been decided. I'm extending my stay and so will have 6 days in Sydney then fly to Perth for 4 days then back to Sydney for another 2 days before jetting back to Thailand again. It all feels good now.

My major decision now is what to pack, but I'm slowly getting there. It's been impeded slightly by the lovely weather we're having as I can't bear to be inside when the sun is shining, so have spent the last couple of days outside as much as possible. But then this is Scotland and to have so much fab sunshine around I feel I just have to make the best of it.

It went from 10 degrees on Saturday to 22 Sunday! And the hedgehog and I have spent our time along with all kinds of lovely butterflies, which is great. Also the birds and bees are out in force too, so spending time in the garden and being surrounded by all that visits is a wonderful thing.

And best of all, my tan is doing well so I won't look all 'pale and interesting' when I get to Hua Hin. Hooray!

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