Friday, 3 June 2016


Sydney has been fun. I've been sightseeing and meeting up with friends and just generally having a blast.

Currently in Sydney there's a festival on called Vivid. The whole city gets lit up at night and various light shows on iconic buildings are displayed. It's pretty cool.

My friend, Su, and I went on a night cruise last night to watch it all from the water. It was beautiful. And before we did that we went to meet up with a mutual friend, Alejandro, who we've been in contact with for a few years as we both buy his products. He's such an interesting person and I think it's fantastic that just because I've bought stuff off him, he wanted to meet up when I got to Oz.

I've been a very good tourist and done lots of touristy things. Today I went on a Captain Cook cruise, which was 2 hours of fun on the water. And then the rain set in. I was pretty lucky as it just started as we drew into my final destination. I was hoping to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but I think that'll have to wait as we're due loads of rain over the next couple of days and I have no intention of doing that in the rain.

In the meantime I've also met up with another writer who I met online through the course I did to get my book done. It was so lovely to spend time with her.

So, a few more days here, where I'm spending time with Su. We're off to the Blue Mountains on Monday when the weather is supposed to be better and then I'm off to Perth on Tuesday.

Here's some pics for you of my time so far. Lots of the bridge, which I can see from my bed in the hotel.

The view from my bed with the close up lens
The same view with the Vivid lights on

Opera House and Bridge from the night cruise

The Opera House from the Captain Cook cruise
The Bridge from the Captain Cook cruise
And finally... the Opera House and Bridge as we were off on our way to Watson's Bay

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