Saturday, 19 September 2015

Vespa goes to work

After getting my bedding washed ready for the weekend at 6.45 this morning, Vespa and I scooted out for a quick walk before heading into Edinburgh to do our bit for Guide Dogs.

Our company was requested at Meadowbank, where it was Roller Derby day. I'd never seen it before and it seemed like rugby on skates without a ball... loud, fast and fun.

Vespa did very well until his pal, Labradoodle Albert, who's 7 months old, turned up. Albert is one of those mouthy dogs who loves to tell everyone he's arrived. Vespa, who's not a barker (thank goodness!) got a bit overexcited at the prospect of a pup to play with and started arsing around. I was not amused, especially since yesterday, when we went for a walk with Alex, Jackie and Quaver, he managed to pull me over (on grass luckily, so no damage).

Albert was promptly removed and taken to sit in the arena, while Vespa did his bit out in the foyer. From then on he was very well behaved and we got lots of lovely comments and people were very generous. We stayed on after our stint to watch a bit of the action, but after about half an hour (and we'd been there for over an hour in the foyer) I decided it was time to go.

We then headed off to see my boys... how lovely that was and Vespa thoroughly enjoyed that bit of the day... and then home to do some gardening (I've managed to get it under control at last - yeah me!) while it was still lovely and sunny and then a sit down in front of the TV to watch the Rugby World Cup. It was South Africa and Japan and was the most incredible match. Japan won (34-32) and rightly deserved to do so. It was really tight at the end and super exciting.

So now Vespa's collapsed for the evening and I'm allowing myself a glass or two of vino, which I think I need after such a busy day!

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