Friday, 11 September 2015

Another good day

It's always great when someone compliments on how well behaved your puppy is, but when it's another Guide Dog person, and one who's been at it for many years, it is amazing.

Today, Vespa went off with Mary from Kelso while Oli and his pal came by to pick up Mountain Man's remaining stuff. The first thing she said was what a good job I'd done with Vespa and that just made my heart sing. I still won't know til he goes off in 4 months or so whether he'll make the grade, but it feels like a good start.

Meanwhile MM had done another miscalculation so sadly there's still some of his stuff left (sigh), but never mind, no time to waste on wanting things to be different. Oli and his pal had me in fits as they packed stuff from the shed and the 3 of us made it into a fun afternoon. It turns out Oli's not so keen on spiders (like me) and clearing out the shed meant that at least one or two rather large ones were disturbed. I have a humane spider catcher and it was well used this afternoon, much to Oli's relief, though I'm not sure if I hadn't been about that it might not have turned into spider graveyard.

The rest of my Vespa-free day was spent digging the garden and starting to get things into shape out there. I took 2 car loads of garden waste to the dump and it was such a relief to see the back of it. There'll be a good few more bags to go, but I've made a start and that's the important thing.

A garden where I can see the earth and a puppy who behaves well. Yup... all good.

I thought I'd leave you with this rather delightful pic of Vespa and the resident hedgehog. They seem to be getting on well and can now be quite close to each other without a) the hedgehog curling up; and b) Vespa being over-interested.


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