Thursday, 24 September 2015


The roof on my house has had a leak for quite a time and no-one could work out where it was coming from. The roof was patched, sealed etc etc, but still it leaked. It only happened on big downpours, but we do get quite a few of them. I used to dread it raining.

About 2 months ago I got a different roofer to come round and check it out. He immediately saw the problem and, because the weather has been so crap this summer, it's taken them this long to get to fix it, but at last it's done. I was even pleased to see heavy rain the other night to see if it was ok... and it was. Such a relief. However, the job wasn't quite finished (due to the rain) and they told me they'd be back when it was dry to put the cement on.

One of the jobs that also needed fixing was a leak in the garden shed, which has a corrugated plastic roof. One of the bits had come apart and it also had been leaking for some time, but because the garden shed wasn't a place I frequented I hadn't realised how bad it was. Since Mountain Man has cleared the shed of all his stuff and I've been able to get the mower out and mow the lawn, get to tools etc, I've been taking more interest in how to fix the leak. I found a piece of corrugated plastic roof that looked like it would do the job, but on Tuesday, when it started raining, I admit I did a bit of an elastoplast job by putting a small piece of plastic that I found in the greenhouse and stuck it over the leaky bit and put a brick on top. Well at least it worked!

I was thinking about how I could go about fixing it properly when yesterday, as I was about to walk the dog, the roofers turned up to put the finishing touches to the main roof. While out walking I thought the least I could do was ask them what was the best way to fix the corrugated plastic and that way I'd be less likely to make mistakes.

Well what a good strategy that turned out to be! Those guys put down their teas and were off to get their ladder. And so by 11 am yesterday the roof on both the house and the shed were fixed.

However, I also learned a huge amount about putting corrugated plastic roofing on. And now I know that if I ever have to fix one myself I know exactly how to do it - and there's some bits to it I'd never, ever have thought about. So if you need your corrugated plastic roof fixed you know who to call... or alternatively find some good roofing guys having a cup of tea and ask them leading questions. I've found it works far better than batting eyelids or pulling the girlie card.

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