Sunday, 27 September 2015

Saturday night's the night to party

For the first time in I don't know when, I went off to a party last night. And I had such a good time.

Lynne in Tweedbank offered to take Vespa for the night and so he went off, very happily, in the afternoon while I got myself ready. I'd even forgotten how long it can take to get ready - well ok, it took me just over half an hour and that includes a shower, but that's quite a long time in my book... I'm a strictly 10 minutes and I'm ready kind of person - and it was actually great fun, trying on outfits and seeing what I might be able to dance in without totally embarrassing myself.

I'd ordered a taxi as it seemed the right thing to do to have a drink. It was my friend's 70th birthday party in a village hall about 15 miles away. The driver was a real sweetie and I had a laugh even before I got to the venue.

The village hall turned out to be an ultra modern, glass surrounded place, the least like a village hall that I could imagine. We were all assigned our seats so there was a good mix round each table and the one I was on was pretty raucous. I met some really delightful people and had a good time dancing, drinking, chatting and then my cab came at 10.45 to pick me up and whisk me home, but not before I had a couple of invites to meet up with folk.

It was a fun evening and it occurred to me that I can't remember the last time I didn't spend Saturday night in front of the TV. How sad is that?

The other thing I'd forgotten about is my capacity for alcohol. In the sense that I don't have much of one and this morning felt a bit fuzzy round the edges.

I think I need a bit more practice at going out and having fun!

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