Monday, 28 September 2015

A lovely end

After picking up Vespa from Lynne's we headed on down to the Tweedbank Community celebration of the opening of the new railway line between Tweedbank and Edinburgh along with Lynne and her two girls, Beth and Emily.

It was the most stunningly beautiful, warm day and the girls were very excited, as was Vespa. I have to say the community had done a great job. Food, bands, actors, magicians, jugglers and even a performing goat all made up for a good afternoon of fun and entertainment.

There was also this amazing scaled reproduction of a steam train, but it was actually made out of chocolate... yes, I said chocolate!

The chocolate train
How incredible is that? I don't know who's going to end up eating it, but I hope they do, cos otherwise it's a bit wasted in my view.

After an hour and a half of pretty well behaved pup (who's only bad bits were when he tried to eat the dropped bits of food) and loads of compliments about how handsome he was (well I know that!), we called it a day and came home to wash my car til it shined and then, because it was still so sunny, we went off for a walk in the woods.

A lovely end to a lovely weekend.

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