Monday, 21 September 2015

And finally....

.... Mountain Man came and moved his final things, which I have to say feels absolutely brilliant.

It was raining when he came and about ten minutes after he left the sun came out and I think that's a metaphor for how I feel. It's such a relief now that all is over and done and we don't have to go down that road again.

He was actually very good about clearing up all the mess in the shed and the greenhouse and moving all his boxes and junk from the roof. And now my house is clean and tidy... well apart from the dog hairs!

And yesterday I had a piece of good news in the shape of the delightful Hamish from Borders College, who came round to see about doing some gardening for me. He's just started his Horticulture Course and is happy to have some extra work. It's funny really because I'd just got the garden into pretty good shape all on my own and was thinking that I'd have to put in lots of hours to keep it that way.

Maybe the tide is turning for me at last?

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