Monday, 24 February 2014

The measuring stick

Yesterday we spent a lovely lunch/afternoon at Andy and Shirley's in Tullibody. The four of us get together at New Year and play games and each year we say, 'We must do this not just at New Year' and each year the time goes by and we end up back at New Year's Eve saying exactly the same thing. By some miracle this year we actually managed it.

Because we had Odi with us we couldn't spend the whole day/night playing like we usually do... this is partly because I'd only taken her lunch time feed with me and not her evening one for some unknown reason (she's still on 3 meals a day for another few weeks). She had a lovely runabout in the morning before we went and she was on pretty much exemplary behaviour while we were at Shirley and Andy's, which was great. She fell in love with Andy and spent time staring up at him lovingly. I'm not sure he noticed!

Every team Mountain Man was on was the one that won... apart from Scrabble Trickster that is, which I'm happy to say I won, but only by using my cards in strategic places and shutting Shirley out of the game on her turn, otherwise I'm afraid I would've lost spectacularly.

We are aware that Odi is getting bigger and still got quite a bit of growth to do, but sometimes it's not easy to see that growth as we're with her the whole time. I decided ages ago that Shirley is my measuring stick, so here's the three photos of Shirley and Odi to show you how big our girl is getting.

9 weeks old

New Year

23rd Feb and 23 weeks old - far too big to be sitting on people's knees

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