Saturday, 15 February 2014

The joys of Winter Olympics

This last week has been one where I've been feeling under the weather - headachy, stomachachy, sinusy - which has seemingly coincided with Odi becoming rather an anxious wee soul. I think it's because she's been teething rather dramatically (last night I heard her crunching at least 2 of them) and wanting to be cuddled on a regular basis. However, her training has taken a sharp downturn as she's gone back to where she was when she first came and her dislike of lorries, or rather the sound of them trundling down the street has come to the fore. I felt slightly heartened today when she was much perkier when she got up this morning and back to wanting to rough-house.

Yesterday I managed to drag myself off to a Valentine bowls competition and, in spite of feeling crap, I played quite well and my team were runners-up which was quite a surprise, tho obviously a very pleasant one. By the time we'd finished I'd started a migraine.

Mountain Man had gone and bought an M&S meal for us, which was lovely, but after eating it all I wanted to do was go to bed and sleep.

In some ways I've been lucky, because with a body that hasn't wanted to function much this week it's been great that the Winter Olympics has been on. However, the cost of hours watching others at the extreme end of sporting achievement seems to be that my arse is now spreading on the couch!

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