Friday, 21 February 2014

Green light

Today the Puppy Supervisor came for a check-up. I decided to take Odi out on a bit of a walk in the woods before she came, so energy was used up and naughty things might not happen during the visit. It worked to a degree.

Odi had a wonderful time leaping in and out of muddy puddles for a good long time and my nice, clean utility room floor that'd just been cleaned before we went for the walk needed another scrubbing by the time I'd finished towelling her down. Still she had fun.

When the PS arrived Odi behaved pretty well, until that is she peed on the floor. And then we went out on a supervised walk and she peed and peed and peed. Turns out the poor wee soul has another urinary tract infection so she's back on the antibiotics tonight. Still we caught it in it's very early stages and I'm hoping the antibiotics start to work soon as I could do with not having to get up in the night to take her out.

I'm pleased to report that Odi passed with flying colours in spite of the urinary problems and we have the green light as Puppy Walkers to continue the job we're doing. That's a relief I can tell you!

Odi was exhausted with all the day's activities and her teeth - all lovely and shiny white big fang-like things - continue to grow at quite a rate. I never knew teeth could grow quite so quickly.

A fine set of fangs


  1. So you are doing a great job with Odi! Well done!
    I wonder why she's getting recurrent UTIs though?

    1. I know, it's quite worrying. I'm hoping it's because she's been teething and has a delicate system, but who knows. I'm dreading that she has to go for investigations.