Monday, 10 February 2014

A tale of the unexpected

I had a really lovely time with my OU pals. We hot-tubbed, we drank, we talked and we had dogs to sit on our knees and cuddle up to. It was exhausting!

Larraine with Chico (her new bf) and Rolf in the background

Denise and Amber

However, I wanted to tell you about something else that happened to me on my way to Denise's.

My not-so-new car came with an audio pack. Good cd player, radio etc, but I haven't been able to plug in my iPod as it didn't come with a cable. As I wasn't sure exactly which cable I decided I'd go to an Audi dealer and ask. The one in Edinburgh is a bitch to get to and I never pass, so as Denise's place is not so far from Carlisle I thought I might drop in there on my way down.

As I arrived at the Audi garage they had a Prestige Event on. They obviously thought I had come to join in as a couple of smiling, besuited guys with clipboards greeted me. When I said I wanted a cable they said, 'Park up and we'll get someone to help you.'

I parked. I couldn't get the key out of the ignition. I felt completely stupid when the guy who came to help said with a smile on his face, 'You'll need to put it in Park not in Neutral.' I did. They key came out no problem. Oh dear... at least I gave them something to laugh about for the rest of the day!

He took one look at the audio pack and took me inside to get Gareth who could find the right cable. And how much would this cable cost, I enquired? £45... I tried not to swallow too loudly. But hey... it'll fit my phone too, so I decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

Gareth looked about 18 and was very sweet. He took me and the cable and said he'd show me how it all worked. I was just hoping I wouldn't have one of my embarrassing tunes on (the ones I play loudly in my car when no-one else is around) as he switched the system on. Thank goodness for Jimi as All Along The Watchtower blared out.

I thanked Gareth for his help and he said 'no problem' and was just about to walk off when I said, 'Hang on and I'll just turn the ignition off and come and pay.' 'No need,' he said, 'you can have that one, it's a spare I had hanging about in the drawer. Have a good day.'

I was shocked. What a lovely, kind thing to do. And so unexpected. I drove off smiling and waving and turned Jimi off as I ramped up the volume and played... you know what? I think I'll leave you guessing on that one!

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