Monday, 17 February 2014


Today I had to go to a meeting in Edinburgh. We'd arranged to meet at the City Arts Centre Cafe, a rather nice place near to Waverley. I already checked that it'd be ok for me to take Odi in.

So the two of us set off this morning, but not before Odi'd had a good chase around the garden to get rid of a bit of energy. I parked and we headed off to the cafe, which would usually take me about 10 minutes, but because I'm trying (hard) to get Odi to walk to heel, it took us around 20 minutes and by the time we got there she'd pretty much got the hang of it.

I settled her under the table with a bone with some kind of disgusting filling that she loves and asked the folk I was meeting with not to pay any attention to her. She was great and lay on the floor gnawing at her bone. I changed it for a chew once she was getting a little distracted and that kept her occupied for quite a bit longer.

Almost 2 hours from arriving we left and Odi was still very settled. Oh joy! But even better the people I was meeting up with said they'd all forgotten she was even there. Now that really is testament to her ability to not demand attention and behave well... well ok, she did have to be occupied with food, but in my book it was a total, unmitigated success.

Who knows... maybe at this rate she will make it guide dog status.


  1. Progress, well done both of you :)

  2. I'm impressed by your guests. Not sure I could ignore Odi, even with the instruction to do so!

    1. I think even you might have been put off with the gross bone she was chewing!