Monday, 3 March 2014


I received a text the other day to tell me I was due for an upgrade on my iPhone. So today I went and visited the o2 shop in Galashiels to check out the phones on offer, but when I looked at them, I couldn't really see the point of upgrading. My phone is fine, it works well. Ok, well I was tempted by a hot pink iPhone 5s, but when I talked to the guy in the shop he told me they weren't really all that different to the 4s I have.

I asked him what would happen if I kept my phone. I was pretty surprised at the answer, which is that I can get my contract reduced from £28 per month to £11 per month. To hot pink or not that was the final question, but underneath it all I can be quite a cheapskate.

So a phone call to o2 headquarters (the guy in the shop told me they might give me some special deal if I phoned rather than go through them) and I now have my £11 per month phone contract, which gives me everything I had before + I could opt for free phone calls to other o2 phones or free landline phones. I went for landline as they always seem more expensive calls and I regularly phone Mountain Man at home when I'm off gallivanting.

I'm now a happy bunny.


  1. Wow no question there! Same service for so much less. I wonder how many people are throwing their money away for the latest up to the minute option that does exactly the same?
    I'd rather have the extra couple of hundred a year to spend on other things.

    1. and believe you me, I'll spend it!!