Friday, 7 December 2012

Xmas west coast style

I'm now home safe and sound from the Dumfriesshire Xmas party.

It was a relaxed affair added to by the presence of 3 gorgeous dogs and a rather bossy cat. Delicious food, great hostessing, fab presents and all in all a thoroughly good time.

The hot-tub was brilliant and I can thoroughly recommend being in one in the depths of a very dark and cold West of Scotland night... though I am pleased to be able to tell you that I wasn't one of those who decided on it's delights on the overnight shift (name no names etc).

I even got a wonderful doggy wake up call, when I was landed on by a giant alsatian and his much smaller terrier buddy this morning. They then proceeded to get super high and have a mock fight, but after a swift telling off by their mistress order was soon restored.

My thoroughly doggified clothes, a horse shoe, bright green striped fingerless gloves, a Spanish spoon rest and my new reindeer socks (which I think were rather lucky to survive the hairy onslaught) are all wonderful reminders of Xmas West Coast style.

My lovely reindeer socks


  1. Eek - keep them off your lovely clean carpet.
    Don't know about you but I'm having a couple of days of R&R now! Lovely time though.

    1. Too late! Definitely R&R time needed. You must be exhausted, but it certainly was fun. x