Thursday, 27 December 2012

Well that was that

My boys left today.

We had a lovely time playing games (Dominion is our new favourite), watching far too much telly, eating and drinking. I got some great things amongst which are books - and a big thank you to Karen for a couple of suggestions for those (Uncle Petros and Goldbach's Conjecture and The Collected Short Stories by Richard Yates) - and a gorgeous pink and turquoise cocktail glass from my man. My old one broke a couple of years back, so it's lovely to have another. It got quite a bit of use over the last few days.

Before Christmas my mother asked me what I wanted. I said 'please no clothes, just a voucher.' I got the voucher, but she just couldn't resist. As well as the couple of tops that are too big that I suspect have been in her drawer for years (no change there then), which will be in the next bag for the Charity shop, I also got an incredibly strange, stretchy top, which might just be kept in case I have a bad taste party to go to, but it feels really weird so I'm not sure. Here's a pic of it, and yes... it really is that small.

My strange stretchy top together with the TV remote to show you how teeny tiny it is

And finally I leave you with a (slightly out of focus) picture of my boys. I don't know why they can't ever let me take a photo of them that's sensible, but I've tried over the years and never seem to have succeeded.

My boys making 'shapes'

Ah well... it was fun while it lasted.

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