Tuesday, 4 December 2012

It's started

The Christmas party season, that is.

Last night saw me out in Edinburgh with my co-supervisees after our supervision session. I know a bunch of psychologists all together might not seem like fun to you, but, believe me, when we get together we know how to party. One of our number is also a musician in quite a famous Scottish punk-type band and so we've all been invited to her next gig on 21st December, where we're all expected to dress 'appropriately'. I'm not entirely sure what that means, but I think it'll mean an outing for my metal jacket. We'll have to see.

My metal jacket
Tomorrow sees me off to near Dumfries for another get together. This one is going to be Christmas comes early, as we've decided on having the whole Christmas dinner thing - as well as a bit of hot-tubbing and I suspect drinking quite a bit.

I won't be back until Friday late afternoon, which will be just enough time for me to recover before work next week and then off to London for more partying.

In some ways I'm rather pleased Christmas is only once a year, I'm not sure my system could cope otherwise!


  1. Ooh love the metal jacket! It's gorgeous. You might want to add a thermal vest and woolly pully for the Dumfries do...

    1. thermal top, middle layer, top layer, extra warm socks... oh yes and my swimming cozzie... that should do it!