Saturday, 22 December 2012

A busy 24 hours

Well hello again. Nothing happened. I'm still here and I'm presuming you are too.

I know I said I'd do a coffee plant update, but I'm leaving that til tomorrow and instead I'm going to tell you about my exploits of the last 24 hours.

Last night I'd been put on the guest list at The Liquid Room in Edinburgh to see The Rezillos. It just so happens that the lead singer is a work colleague... yes really... a psychologist by day and a punk rocker by night. What a great combination!

The Liquid Room is a great venue. It's a gig centre from 7pm - 10pm and then it becomes a club, so everyone has to get out, before they might or might not choose to go in again to club the night away.

So at about 8pm last night MM and I could be found amongst what could only be described as a 'spectrum crowd'. That's one that went from one age spectrum to the other. But what was truly amazing was that the ratio of men to women was something I don't think I've ever seen. There were so many guys there, especially of the middle-aged balding variety that I feel I've now discovered the place to go for the middle-aged single woman. Not that that's me of course, but the moment MM went to the bar to get me a drink I was surrounded and chatted up. In some ways it was quite flattering, but in others I was rather pleased when MM came and rescued me!

I was, of course, dressed in my metal jacket. Also in some rather fetching jeans with studs down the side that I bought in a second-hand shop about 8 years ago. I also decided on my beret, just because I was having a particularly bad hair day, but that's another story.

Me almost ready to go out.
We enjoyed ourselves a lot and, once MM stood beside me and I wasn't being hassled by guys, I enjoyed the gig a lot.

This morning saw a quick escape from Edinburgh, through unbelievable amounts of rain and flooding on the road, to the Borders, in time for a bit of Xmas present wrapping before heading off to Kelso to do a spot of bag packing to raise funds for Borders Search and Rescue Unit.

It was fun but exhausting. Trolley watching added a whole new dimension to people watching I can assure you. And more than that, the Border folk were very generous. I only managed to miss packing two items: a bra, that had somehow slipped down amongst the plethora of plastic bags, and also a mascara that had done the same. The mascara was claimed, but not the bra, by the time we left some 3+ hours after starting, just in case you're wondering.

And now, ensconced in front of the telly, only good for watching Strictly, drinking wine and eating Doritos and dip, I can take a moment to relax a bit before my boys come here for 5 days, which will mean lots of cooking, lots of playing of games and, most of all, good family time.


  1. Glad you posted a picture of your metal jacket on. It looks fab!

    1. Thanks Lizzie. It's ages since I had a chance to wear it. I'd forgotten how heavy it is and how cold when there's a gap between it and the t-shirt tho!