Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas coffee plant update

I bet you couldn't wait for this!

Above is a picture of the healthiest of the plants together with it's much smaller pal (in the foreground). The other two are still struggling, but I daren't put them out in the cold of the window ledge as not sure they could stand the change with the much colder weather. If they survive until Spring, then they'll get moved into the natural light.

I also don't dare move the healthy ones either. They like it where they are and, coffee plants being fussy and notoriously difficult to grow, I'm reluctant to change them over with their ne're doing well neighbours as I'm sure I'd end up with no coffee plants at all.

There's some very good growth on the biggest one, and the other healthy one has also got some good leaves going on there, so I'm still living in hope that one day I might get some berries. What's that cliche?... oh yes... hope springs eternal... that's me folks... eternally hopeful!


  1. They both look very healthy with polished green leaves so you must be doing something right! What's the countdown to beans appearing?

  2. I'm thinking at this rate it'll probably be another 5 years!