Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Most of the Christmas shopping... hooray!

After a not great start to the morning with a migraine at around 5 am, I managed to make it to the last indoor bowls league match of December, which I'm happy to say we won. A relief as I still wasn't feeling hugely great. Apparently this might put us second in League 2, which will mean we move up into the dizzy heights of League 1 in January. This is not something to look forward to... if I thought the league I was in was competitive enough, then, so I've been told, I have lessons to learn in competitiveness in the upper echelons. It'd be ok if I played well, but sadly still a long way to go on that score.

And then it was off to the outskirts of Edinburgh for a massive shop-out. I think I've got most of the food apart from veggies, which we're getting on Sunday, and I'm feeling mightily relieved. I had visions of eating quorn roast day in day out for the whole of Christmas week as both Mountain Man and I had, separately, taken advantage of the special offer of buy 1 get the 2nd half price in our local supermarket. We now have a quorn roast glut in our freezer. Luckily it can stay in the freezer for ages.

Now, I can relax... well no actually I can't.

After having a couple of days of not working, I have work and meetings to be taken care of before I can finally put my feet up, and then, just to add to the mix, my car has decided to have a bit of a paddy. It's demanded to be taken to the garage to get a check over so we have an early-ish start tomorrow. I'm hoping it's nothing serious, otherwise I'll be well and truly done.

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