Saturday, 26 March 2011

Coffee news

I was alerted by my friend N that on yesterday's Gardener's Question Time, Bob Flowerdew talked about how he grew a coffee plant from seed to actually getting a cup of coffee. It was an amusing minute's talk which ended in how he had managed eventually to get enough beans for one cup of the vilest tasting coffee he had ever had. All very well, I thought, but nowhere did he mention how long it took to get that vile cup of coffee. So I'm no further informed.

Apparently the reason he grew coffee was because he'd been told it was impossible. This was something that when I started my venture I wasn't aware of ... maybe if I had been I wouldn't be in the position I am, five years on with four reasonably healthy looking plants and not now, nor ever has been a single sign of a flower or a berry.

I feel that I shouldn't try and inform myself but to keep the whole thing a mystery, as who wants to know what the experts say, if even they can't know what they've let themselves in for when they attempt the perilous gardening experience that is coffee growing.

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