Monday, 7 March 2011

Sunday activities Borders style

Yesterday was the Borders Organic Gardeners Potato Day at the Border Union showground in Kelso. How wonderful to call yourself by the acronym BOG... shows Border folk have a sense of humour!

It was an interesting event, with every variety of potato that you could imagine. It started at 11, and sadly we didn't get there til 12.30 by which time all the varieties we'd hoped to purchase were all sold out. I'd particularly fancied growing Anya's, but will have to get in there early next year. We did buy a couple of varieties, Swift, an early cropping variety, and Milva, which should crop slightly later. They won't be put into the main veg garden, but will be grown in pots.

I also won a major coup over my Beloved. We are not a couple that argue a lot, probably down to the fact that we can't be bothered to expend a huge amount of energy on point scoring. However, the other night we were out for dinner with our friends, Sarah and JT (my bowls partner from Perthshire), and we were talking about how the Borders is a great place for events. They have all kinds of weird and wonderful things to celebrate. I was talking about the snowdrop festival at Mellerstain House and my Beloved told me in no uncertain terms that I was wrong... it was a daffodil festival. I let it go as he seemed so certain, so imagine my 'see I was right' smirk on my face when we passed the turnoff to Mellerstain on our way to see potatoes and there it was, a large sign that said 'Snowdrop Festival'.

No problem on the point scoring then.... definitely one to me!

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