Thursday, 3 March 2011

It can be done

Today I heard that someone on my OU course on the alternative forum had achieved 100% for their poetry TMA. And before you ask... it wasn't me! I was pleased enough with my 80%, and that came as quite a shock as I'd convinced myself that I'd got a mere pass. 

However, it's also interesting to contemplate that 100% is achievable. I always thought it wasn't on a creative course which comes from when I was at Art School in 1970 where our head of college said no-one ever got 100%, as he went on to tread on our art work or worse tear it up! Suffice it to say we were all terrified of Stan and our monthly crits. I think the most he ever gave anyone was around 85%.

Although I'm competitive, and there's no doubt about it I'd love to get 100%, I just don't think it's going to be possible for me on this course. That is, not if I want to keep my husband, who I think I'm driving mad with reading my work to him every time I change a word... but there is an upside to this for him, as I feel I'm helping him with his work where he has to be very, very patient, so he's getting lots of practice!


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