Friday, 25 March 2011

What day is this?

The last 3 days have taken their toll. I have been working 14 hours days teaching a course and, although the feedback was brilliant, I'm now officially very tired indeed. So much so that this morning I woke up convinced it was Saturday and sent a slew of emails wishing people a good weekend.

I now feel that I'm living in the Twilight Zone and have concocted my own days of the week so that I can live happily with the fact that my weekend seems to have already started... yeh!

My only problem then is that if today is actually my Saturday then do I put my clocks forward tonight instead of tomorrow? Best not eh? Maybe tonight I'll convert back to World Time and enjoy the fact that I will have had two Saturdays whereas all you lot will only have had one!

At this point you may wonder about my sanity, but don't worry I'm sure after a rejuvinating couple of days all will return to normal... only to be possibly repeated next week when the work pattern is repeated only this next course doesn't finish til Friday so god knows what day I'll be on by then.

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