Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sporting achievements

Yesterday was a women's two bowl pairs competition at Tweedbank Indoor Bowls Centre. My first ever indoor bowls competition and I was paired with last year's president. We had to play a round robin of 3 games, and then whoever won from my draw had to play the winners from the second draw. To cut a long story short, my partner and I won our 3 games and were in the final. Sadly that's where the success ended as we lost to this year's President and her partner.

So what did I get for my stellar performance? lt was £4! Not a lot to shout about, but an almost win is an almost win and money is money and I'm not complaining.

The only thing that wasn't working for me was throwing the jack. I played 48 ends and won a fair few, but could I throw the jack? No! Not for love nor money. Every time I threw it it went off at an angle or into the ditch, apart from 2 ends and I sincerely don't know how I did that. I've now, apparently, become a talking point at the club as no-one (and that includes me) knows how come I can't throw a jack and yet pretty much every time I could get my bowls near to the one my opponent threw. The mystery will have to stay unsolved. And frankly, as my partner said, who cares as long as I was getting my bowls to the right place.

Meanwhile, my Beloved was doing The Mighty Deerstalker. It's one of those mad events that starts at 5.30 pm and goes on well into the night (depending how good you are) and takes you through bogs, and all kinds of obstacles. Last night was a Supermoon, the biggest full moon in 18 years and so the sky should have lit up good and proper for all those poor buggers to run around for a jolly night in the freezing cold. However, this is the Scottish Borders and sadly the beautiful moon was hidden behind cloud, but I am reliably informed that because of the cloud it made the whole thing a bit warmer. And best of all my Beloved had a great time and did the event in 1 hour 43 mins. Not bad for an old timer!


  1. Does the £4 mean you've forfeited your amateur status and the chance to compete in the Olympics?

  2. Luckily these days I don't think you have to be an amateur to be an Olympian... tho quite frankly I think there are other things that might well be standing in my way!