Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Good news

My last post was a bit previous in the sense of not posting before I go to London. I think I had a mental blip on the day I wrote it and muddled up my days... I'm calling it a senior moment!

Anyway, a lovely Alternative New Year's Eve was had last night.

It started with the delightful Jackie, the hairdresser to the village, coming over and giving us both a haircut. Always good to start a year at least looking the part. She does slightly freak my Beloved out as she always offers to trim his eyebrows. He always accepts as she asks the question with the comb and scissors already in place. I think he's too scared to refuse in case she can't accept rejection and he ends up with some weird modern twist on acceptable eyebrow shaping.

This was followed by a delicious dinner, and we then spent a quiet evening a deux, staying up to see the Alternative New Year in.

So far the New Year has started very well. About three weeks ago I applied to be part of World Book Night. The idea is that you say who you would give 48 free books to and if you get chosen you get to do the deed. And this morning I got the confirmation that I am one of the chosen ones. I am very much hoping this positive trend continues as the year unfolds.

And on that happy note I wish you all a Happy Alternative New Year.

And this really is the last post before I head to London.

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  1. The eyebrow smart beloved says Happy New Year and I hope this one is really good.