Sunday, 20 February 2011

Reality check

Yesterday was my OU tutorial. I did have a moment of hesitation as to whether I should go as I was feeling a bit stressed with the latest poetry assignment, and it managed to coincide with snowfall. But I made the effort and apart from an 'interesting' start to my journey into Edinburgh, I'm pleased I went.

It was fine once I'd reached the main road, but the bit from our house was a bit terrifying. Slipping and sliding and praying that no vehicles would be coming the other way. There's something about finding myself facing the opposite direction with wheels spinning that sharpened my mind and certainly helped my concentration. And just for the record I was going about 10mph.

There were only 6 of us there (out of a possible 14) and all of us are the regulars. We all get on very well and so it was a relaxing and fun day. My tutor thought it absolutely hysterical that we were all stressing about the poetry TMA, and he gave us a reality check about what he was looking for. We even had a chance to read our TMA poems if we wanted and he said we'd all pass no problem. I did decide though, to junk one of my poems as he wasn't exactly enthused with it, but the exercise we did in the morning produced a quite good poem that he loved and said I should submit. Who am I to argue?  If he likes it, he likes it and I've got witnesses so he can't back down now.

And then we adjourned early to our tutor's favourite Bruntsfield haunt, Inca, and spent a very pleasant couple of hours eating, drinking and laughing. He's promised another of his impromptu tutorials in time for the next TMA, which is very generous. I expect it'll just be the 6 of us at that too, but hey, I'm taking all the help that's offered.

So today I'm not stressing any more about my poems. Just need to rewrite my commentary that has to go with it to take into account the new poem and then I'm sending the bloody thing off.


  1. Hooray well done Mrs Poet!!
    We, your supporters and readers, are very proud of you.

  2. There was an old poet called Vee
    Who said there'll be no stress for me
    But weather was icy
    Her driving was dicey
    And all she could drink was some tea.

    (Probably not but it rhymes)

  3. The only bit of that which is accurate is the 'weather was icy'... ok, well maybe I'll give you the 'her driving was dicey'. The rest is inaccurate!