Friday, 11 February 2011

Under the influence

Oh dear I seem to have collapsed into an alcoholic haze tonight. But hey, it's Friday so why not? I've got some OU work and some work on a course I'm supposed to be delivering that all has to be done over the weekend, but tonight... well tonight I'm giving myself some time off, so have descended into the delights of martinis.

This has been a busy week. Sometimes it's not a good thing to have so many bits and pieces of work instead of one job and so this week I've found myself jotting from one job to another and hoping I've managed to cover everything. This has made me rethink my situation and have come to the momentous decision that it's time I calmed things down a bit and so am thinking of stopping my private practice. Notice please that this is 'thinking' and not a reality... so I'll wait until I've sobered up and then see what happens from there.

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