Monday, 7 February 2011

The last week

I'm pleased to be home again, even though I've come back to driving rain and a busy week ahead.

I had a good time in London. My mum gave me the rest of my birthday gifts which were a massage by the guy who massages the dancers from the English National Ballet and then a trip to the theatre, plus a dinner thrown in for good measure. I also met up with some OU people and dinner with friends. Spent a lot of money and I think that's it!

So first of all the massage. The guy was a genius. The only thing I couldn't quite get over was that he's used to massaging all those muscular people and my flabby body must've been a bit of an anomaly. Still my back certainly felt better and my ankle that's been paining me for a while is totally fixed.

The theatre. My mum took me to the National where we saw 'Seasons Greetings' by Alan Ayckbourn. It was very funny and the cast was great, and a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Then we headed off to Sofra, which is a Turkish restaurant and a particular favourite of my mother's with good reason. I've been there a few times and each time doesn't disappoint. The experience was made even better by being given free champagne on arrival, which always goes down well! Anyway they have branches just off Oxford Street and also in Covent Garden so well worth a try if you're down that way.

My OU meeting was hysterical. We had arranged to meet in The Chandos pub in St Martin's Lane, just off Trafalgar Square. So far so good. Only problem was I hadn't a clue what they looked like, apart from (luckily) one person who'd put her photo up on the forum and another who said he always wore a red T shirt. The pub was huge and I had to push my way into the downstairs and look for likely suspects. Then went upstairs and trawled there. Accosted one table, my reason being that they were all disparate ages and one of the guys was wearing a red T, but to my embarrassment it wasn't them. And then just as I was about to leave I spotted the woman in the photo. The guy who said he always wore red was wearing purple, so that wasn't exactly helpful. Anyway I had a lovely evening and rounded it off by falling off my 1/2 inch heels in Trafalgar Square much to the amusement of passers-by. It was quite funny and even I wondered how I managed it. Nothing wounded except a bit of pride.

I also had a great meet up with an old friend who I hadn't seen for years. Such a great time was had that she almost missed her last train. And my various other meets were good too.

Oh yes, and I almost forgot... the actual purpose of my visit to London which was for work, and no problems there.

Now will someone please turn the tap off and stop it raining!

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