Sunday, 13 February 2011

Tomorrow is funeral day

The smallest coffee plant is no more. Tomorrow it will be buried in the garden. Very sad.

Meanwhile I've been struggling with my poems for the latest round of OU fever. It has been a tough few weeks. For some reason the poetry section in the OU workbook is awful. It has managed to make everything very complicated, which has necessitated spending extra money on further poetry books just to make sense of what the hell I'm supposed to be doing. I'm not alone in this. The forums have been full of complaints, but hey just have to get on with it. Only a couple more weeks before this one has to be in and in some ways I'll be pleased to see the back of it.

On Friday I went to the Tweedbank Indoor Bowls Valentine lunch. What a treat! A couple of hours of bowls followed by soup and a roll... only what I've discovered is that vegetarian is not a strong feature in the Borders clubs and so I had to take my own cheese to put in my roll. At least they make the soup veggie. I played ok in the first round, but pretty crap in the second, so no prizes.

My man has been off doing helicopter training today. So while I was sitting at home with the pleasures of iambic pentameter, he was being hoisted into the air over the damp Cheviots and loving every minute of it. I know which I would have preferred!

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