Friday, 25 February 2011

The joys of train travel

Today I was supposed to co chair a meeting in Dunfermline. First thing was my co chairperson was ill so he couldn't come. Not really a problem, but I had to hastily write down how to actually get to the venue as my colleague is always the one with the directions and seems to know where we're going... I'm a true believer in if someone is good at something, let them get on with it... so there I was stuck on my own with a fistful of directions of how to get from Dunfermline Queen Margaret to Lynebank, and quite looking forward to the 15 minute walk from the station to the venue.

I got to Edinburgh Waverley with lots of time to buy my ticket, get some food for lunch and generally relax, when there was an announcement that said that all trains to Fife were cancelled until further notice. Of course this was after I'd bought my ticket, so had to rush back to the counter, get a refund, dash up the road to pick up my car after phoning to say I'd be late to the meeting. Not great when you're supposed to be chairing, but hey, what else could I do?

I decided as I'd rung to say I'd be late that I'd take my time and not drive like a maniac (no comments thank you people!), and guess what... I arrived in good time, with even a little time to lose my way and go the scenic route around Dunfermline.

Taking the car meant that I could leave the meeting when I wanted to and get home in good time. So I didn't do my bit to save the planet, but I did try tho.

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