Saturday, 4 December 2010

It's Saturday again

We managed it! Got to Edinburgh, with the only bit that was a trial was from our house to the main road. Once we'd negotiated that it was black stuff all the way. And it was so worth it. The food was amazing and, because others had had to cry off due to illness, it meant that N didn't need to spend her birthday night all on her own.

One strange thing was that the police station almost opposite the house was cordoned off with a message that said the building was dangerous... I wonder what that could mean? Any more dangerous than any other police station? The building going on the attack? The police inside going bananas over stupid phone calls? Apparently one woman had phoned them up to say thieves had stolen her snowman. She'd put coins in for eyes, and was ranting that it just wasn't on and what were the police going to do about it. Some people really are that stupid!

Anyway, we got home this morning and managed to dig out my car, which was under several feet of snow, and get it moved before the snow from the roof fell on it. If that had happened I don't know when I'd have seen it again. Then luckily a farming neighbour decided to help so his tractor cleared all the snow from the pavement in front of our house and carted it off somewhere. What a hero.

I'm now heading for a hot bath, then getting into my all in one warm suit and sitting, with a glass of wine firmly in hand, ready for the weekly telly fest that is Saturday night.

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