Monday, 6 December 2010

Hooray for No. 1 son

A few weeks back I ordered a chair for the Edinburgh house. I was phoned yesterday to say that delivery would be today. All fine and good I thought.

And when I got up this morning we had bright weather, no problems at all, so a quick check on the internet and the roads to Edinburgh all seemed clear. So I decided to head off early just in case the delivery was in the morning... yes it was one of those cheap stores that tell you the day, but don't give you a time and you're expected to wait in all day for them to arrive.

I got half way when it was white out conditions. What to do? Turn back or keep going? I decided, and yes, I admit it was pretty stupid to continue, but continue I did. The Edinburgh by-pass was appalling and it got worse from there on in. My usual approx 45 minute journey took over and hour and a half. I felt truly sorry though for those going in the opposite direction as a bus had broken down and there was a queue of cars going back about a mile. At least my side of the road was slow but clear.

The worst bit was actually turning into the mews where the house is. I skidded and swerved but my trusty Honda got me there and almost completely into the parking space. I felt blessed I'd got there in one piece.

I only had to wait 3 hours and my chair turned up. The delivery guys said it was only the second delivery they'd been able to do all day. I really felt for them. However, my chair is great. Huge, squashy and comfortable. It's the kind of chair I can curl up in and I've already decided it's going to be my reading chair. I'm so pleased with it.

Because the whole mews was completely covered in snow and ice, I spent a very active afternoon digging the snow out and trying to make it a bit easier for everyone. Several mews people came out and helped, and we got quite a bit done, but because my No. 1 son is regarded as the snow shoveller supreme I tried to get him to come and help, but he wasn't answering his phone. He was left a message.

When I'd given in because my back was getting a bit sore, and the others were starting to give up, No. 1 son turned up for his stint at shovelling snow. He was a real trouper and, in spite of being left on his own as everyone left him to it, he stayed on and did most of the mews on his own.

What a hero! So consequently he was allowed to be the first visitor to try my new chair. Not sure he appreciated it, but at least I tried.

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