Wednesday, 8 December 2010

All done

Being stuck in Edinburgh has had it's payoffs.

First of all I spent some very productive hours writing the first draft of my next assignment for my OU course. Then I posted it onto the student forum for some feedback, which duly came and was redone. Then more feedback, so was done again, and then redone again, and so now is in its fourth draft and awaiting more feedback. Luckily this doesn't have to be in for a few weeks (we get a week off for xmas) and so will have plenty more time for more rewrites.

Then I decided to go xmas shopping, and now feel much more confident that xmas will be happening in our house as I've now got presents for everyone. This includes my mother, who is the woman who has everything, so it was a huge relief to have found something for her. Not terribly inspirational, but definitely useful. And of course they came from M&S so she can take them back if she doesn't like them. Or knowing her I'll probably get them back next year when she looks through her drawer and picks something she's been given to give to me! She does tend to do this and as I'm a size or so smaller than her, which renders her present giving a little redundant. Still I think the local Charity shop has done rather well over the years.

I also had a leisurely get up this morning for the meeting I needed to be at, so that was great. A good meeting too, and I felt nice and relaxed.

And finally, tonight is another OU meeting across town, which I am going to. I certainly wouldn't have bothered to come up from the Borders but being in Edinburgh means that it's no problem at all.

So all in all a pretty good week.


  1. Those of us down in the frozen Scottish Borders think you are wonderful!!