Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Fun and games in London

I'm now back from London. An interesting time was had.

First of all my iPhone decided not to get emails and in spite of the helpful guy at the other end of the phone, when you're trying to press buttons and listen at the same time, it just doesn't work. Now I have to take it back to the shop... any shop apparently, iPhone, O2, whatever and it will be dealt with. Hopefully!

Then I was involved in an incident in Oxford Street. Well not me personally, but a poor Turkish trishaw rider who was spat at by a taxi driver, before said driver smashed into the trishaw and sped off in the opposite direction. Racial abuse was involved too. No-one even blinked, let alone went to help, except me. The poor guy had only been in the country 3 weeks, didn't speak incredibly good English and he was pretty shaken up by it all. I phoned the police and waited almost 40 minutes for them to turn up.

What happened was the taxi driver was having a barney with a different trishaw rider who was black. The trishaw rider rode off with the taxi driver shouting abuse at him, then the Turkish guy is riding past minding his own business, when the taxi driver leaned out of his window and spat. This trishaw rider got off to see what was going on, and the taxi driver went for his trishaw. I watched the whole thing, including getting the taxi's reg number. I had to relate my story to this incredibly young cop, including the immortal lines, 'Fucking black cunt' which was what the taxi driver shouted. Apparently the police were more interested in the racial abuse and the spitting, and not the driving into the trishaw, which I have to admit was remarkably robust and hardly had a mark on it. Now I wait to see if I'm needed to give my version again. Might be quite amusing to have to say in court, 'Yes, m'lud, he called him a fucking black cunt.' Time will tell.

Apart from all that, it was party time. My first Xmas party of the season and with plenty more to come. I'm now pleased to be back at home before it starts to snow again. I didn't fancy getting stuck in London. 48 hours with my Mum was more than enough for me. It was a practice for when she comes up for Xmas for a whole 4 days!

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