Thursday, 23 March 2017

Sleepless in the Borders

My very cute Guide Dog puppy, Diesel (aged 7.5 weeks) arrived on Tuesday afternoon. He's very cute and very mischievous. He's also a chewer, so I can hardly leave him alone for a moment in case my kitchen gets eaten. I have sprayed peppermint oil all over the wooden furniture and I'm hoping that will help. Next step is spreading Vick all over it and I'd rather not do that if at all possible as Vick and eating don't go quite hand in hand!

Diesel's original name was Justin, but he was sponsored by Lothian Buses, who gave him his name. I would have thought they'd be better off calling him Go Electric. Apparently Lothian Buses sponsored 3 pups, so Diesel has Marine (after the depot at Seafield) and Buster to keep him company on his Guide Dog journey.

Our first night together was interesting. Diesel went to bed at 10.30 and I was awake waiting for him to wake up. I eventually fell asleep, but woke with a start at about 5 and there was still no noise. I was quite anxious in case something had happened to him, so went down, but no... there he was bright as anything and just fine. Me? I was exhausted!

Last night he was very sleepy all evening so I eventually gave in and put him to bed at 10. He slept until 2.30 when he squeaked. I let him out and he had a pee and then back to bed and slept through until 6.30. Me? I took about 2 hours to get back to sleep. So he's doing well and I'm still exhausted!

The bad bits: he likes to not just eat my kitchen furniture, but me too. I've already lost a handful of hair and my hands are quite sore. Those teeth are so damned sharp!

However, he now knows his name and is beginning to understand 'sit'. He's peed and poo'd (mostly) outside, so that's not too bad. And he's got into the habit of taking himself off to his bed when he's tired, which is great.

Sleeping puppy having taken himself to his bed

And he has now got his collar and Guide Dog tag on and we attempted to walk around the kitchen on the lead. I can see that he's going to make me look like an idiot in the street when we eventually get there, as distracting him from chewing the lead is a monumental task.

Diesel, complete with collar and tag, doing a good impression of a sit and wait!

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