Wednesday, 15 March 2017

All checked up.

Today I had to go for my six week check-up. It went really well and I've been told not to come back until next year. I also had my back checked out and I'm pleased to report that there was nothing to report.

Meanwhile Neymar and I have been having a lovely time together. He went off today for the day with another puppy walker and he had lots of fun. It's been great having him here and it's been a good thing to get me back into having a pup here. Sadly he's going a day earlier than I thought, because his puppywalker made a mistake and forgot to tell the organiser that she's coming back from the US on Saturday and not Sunday.

It'll turn out ok though, as Neymar and I are going to the theatre on Saturday afternoon to see Noel Coward's Hay Fever and I can drop him back at his home on the way back to the Borders. I shall be sad to see him go, but then I won't have long to wait until my new pup comes on Tuesday.

So now I shall just have to make the best of the next 2.5 days and enjoy his good behaviour, cos sure as eggs is eggs the new one will take a while, if ever, to become that well behaved!

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