Thursday, 2 March 2017

Change is afoot

My mother's birthday went without a hitch, I'm pleased to say. She was so tired from her recent travels to Barcelona that she managed to get up for lunch yesterday, but that was it. She was in bed for the whole of the rest of the time I was there.

My brother booked for us to go to Angler, at South Place Hotel. It's a Michelin starred restaurant and the food was superb and so were the prices... for the restaurant that is! Still it was a lovely treat including the champagne to start.

In the evening I had to go and meet up with a psychologist friend, along with another friend of hers and we ate pizza and drank wine over a 4 hour dinner. To say I was completely full up by the time I hit my bed at almost midnight is an understatement!

On Monday after I arrived in London, I went out for a lovely sushi dinner and then off to the opera. It was at the London Coliseum and was the world premiere of A Winter's Tale. It was good but not spectacular, though I think Simon Callow, who was sitting nearby, thought it was great by the 'bravos' he was shouting at the end.

Tuesday I went to a great exhibition at The National Gallery. It was about 3 Australian expressionist painters and I thought it was fab. Then off for a massage, which was even more fab, followed by dinner at one of my current favourite restaurants, Kirobuta, which was a fun evening of chat and good food.

Wednesday, prior to the birthday lunch I went to the V&A to see an exhibition about John Lockwood Kipling (Rudyard Kipling's father), which was absolutely fascinating. It's also free so if you're in London I do recommend it.

So after all that activity I'm ready for a rest. Just a shame I have work tomorrow morning, but at least after that I can relax a bit. I'm going to need it as I've been told my new Guide Dog puppy is coming on 21st March. And before that I'm boarding a pup (though he's about 10 months old), for 10 days, so things will be changing... and quite drastically... next Thursday!

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