Sunday, 19 March 2017

Puppy free

Neymar has now gone home. It's quite nice, in some ways, to be able to tidy up and get things sorted without a very big, black presence at my heels. But then I also miss having a dog around. Those may well be famous last words as I have until Tuesday, at approximately 4 pm, until my next puppy arrives.

For a last treat, Neymar and I went to the theatre before I dropped him off at his home. We went to see Hay Fever at The Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh. We were very kindly given seats in the box at the back of the stalls so he could have lots of room to lie down.

Neymar and me at the theatre.

The show was good, with lots of laughs and just the thing for a very dreary Saturday afternoon in Edinburgh.

Straight after that I took Neymar home as his folks had arrived back from their hols in the US. They were really lovely and, in spite of my protestations, gave me a rather nice candle.

This morning I've been getting things ready for the new puppy. Putting all the large toys away and getting out the teeny ones. So now the pup's bed is ready and toys are waiting. I've heard from the brood bitch's owner, who has told me my puppy is very mischievous (oh no!) and loves cuddles (oh yes!).

Now all I need to do is to enjoy my puppy free days.

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