Sunday, 2 April 2017

Busy doing nothing

I can hardly believe that Diesel has now been with me for nearly 3 weeks. He now sits and lies down on command (unless being distracted by anything or anyone else) and walks on the lead (preferably while holding part of it in his mouth). He's actually a very good. The house training is coming on and we've had some successes and some failures, but as he's only 9 weeks old, that's to be expected. And that's the good bit.

The bad bit is, he's a biter and wants to bite everything, which includes a lot of my kitchen. So I've had to be camping out in the kitchen for much of the day while he's awake, just to supervise and shout 'NO!' quite a lot.

Consequently, I've done virtually nothing. I've written one very short poem and two pages of the 30 minute play that I'm supposed to be writing and that, folks, is about it.

We've had a couple of trips into Edinburgh and today we went to see the lovely Neymar, who I boarded just before Diesel came. They had such fun together and Diesel really enjoyed being dragged round the floor while holding on to Neymar's toy.

Now, though, Diesel is utterly exhausted and will probably spend the rest of today (and maybe tomorrow?) sleeping to make up for it all.

Such fun!

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