Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Writing news

Recently I took part in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with Iowa University in poetry. The course itself was excellent, but the massive bit was too much for me. If I posted a comment on an instructor's post I was inundated with (literally) hundreds of emails and I just couldn't cope, so I ended up not posting comments, which in some ways was a bit of a shame.

About a month ago Iowa University put out a message about a free online course they were going to run for folk interested in creative nonfiction. I've recently been writing short stories and, as I'm about to write a book for my kids about our family company (and it's just for them and my nieces) and I've been struggling to make it readable, I thought I'd learn a lot if I had the opportunity to take part.

The course was by application form and a short piece of writing that the uni gave a prompt for. The prompt was 'lost' and we were asked to write about a time we were physically or psychologically lost. I had a lot of fun writing about an incident that happened when Mountain Man and I were in Venice some years ago and trying to find the Grand Canal when MM told me he knew how to get to there and, needless to say, we got lost and found we'd walked in a circle.

Well... I received an email to tell me I'd got a place! They only accept 20 people from across the world and I can't believe I'm one of them! I'm super excited (can you tell?) and I can't wait to get on and be part of it.

Roll on July!

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