Saturday, 27 June 2015

The wonders of the internet

I opened my email this morning to find this message:

Dear sir or Madam, Good day .

I'm Ms. Kathy Liu from Ningbo of China. Who is the supplier of welding metal. We are supplying following welding metal for more than 8 years.

1. Tin solder wire (Bar),such as 99.7/0.3; 60/40
2. Brazing wire (Rod),such like bcup-2,(Harris0)
3. Aluminum flux cored welding wire, CU-Al, and Al-Al, such like TC150
4. Solder Iron , wooden handle ,30W-300W .
5. Brass rod,
6. Electrode ,include :E6013 ,E308 etc.
7. agent Brother fatory produce: Zinc alloy for diecast. Zamak#3-#8

Recently the metal cost in China has dropped, we would like to send you our updated quotation list for your reference if you are interested on above products, one more choice to get the better products with lower prices.
Please kindly contact us or send us your detail inquiry.

Thanks and best regards!

First of all I'd be fascinated as to who in that company spends their time trawling through the internet to find people's email addresses so they can send off their emails, but even more so I wonder if they ever get any replies?

I was thinking it might be fun to email them back and tell them that sadly, being a three-quarters-about-to-be-seven-eighths retired Clinical Psychologist means that my interest in welding metal is absolutely nonexistent. But do I really want to open up communications with them? Probably not.

Sometimes the internet is beyond fascinating! 

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