Tuesday, 23 June 2015

It's a puppy walker's life

Yesterday necessitated a visit to the hearing aid people and they have a lovely 9 month old Parsons Russell terrier, Mack, who sits in the office. Vespa was excellent with him and, as he had his coat on, he wasn't allowed to play. Mack was put on his lead and came to say hello, but was jumping around while Vespa lay on the floor looking a little surprised at Mack's yips and barks.

I was so pleased with him and even more so when he lay on the floor quietly while I did my hearing aid business. However, an hour later when we went to see the Puppy Supervisor at the Gyle Centre in Edinburgh for a check up and she had her supervisor with her from Forfar, it was a different story. For some reason Vespa decided this was the time to behave like an idiot and show me up no end.

David (the PS's S) took over and marched Vespa off for behaviour 101. I'm not sure the PS nor the PSS believed me when I said he'd been behaving better.

Today another PW came round for a coffee. She's currently GD puppyless as she's just got a new pet puppy herself and needs to focus attention on her, but we went for a lovely walk round the woods and she was telling me how impressed she was with Vespa and how well behaved he was.

It seems that the life of a Puppy Walker is one of pride through to embarrassment in the blink of an eye.

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