Friday, 5 June 2015

Strange things can happen

Poor Vespa has been ill. He's had enteritis, which has meant a trip to the vet, some tablets and paste stuff to help him get better. But worse than that, the vet has put him on a light diet of either pasta or rice. plain or with chicken, but as I didn't have any chicken (we're a pescetarian house) and I had a poetry reading to go to in Edinburgh and Mountain Man was away doing his stuff, I made the decision to go to Edinburgh and buy some macaroni and rice on the way (I didn't have any in the cupboard... well I did, but spaghetti or Thai sticky rice didn't really seem to fit the bill), see which one cooked the quickest and stop off at No. 2 Son's, do a bit of cooking and then head for poetry.

Vespa did not like plain macaroni. To give him his due he ate most of it, tho he picked out the tablet and spat it on the floor, which prompted him to get a small bit of bread-wrapped tablet, which he did eat, but he wasn't all that happy to have to go to poetry when his belly was a bit empty.

It was a lovely evening with my poetry tutor from the last course I took with The Poetry School, Ryan Van Winkle, as the star turn. I also got to meet Clare, one of the folk who'd been on my previous Poetry School course. It was lovely to meet up in person and we both enjoyed the poems.

When I got home I decided, as we only had hard boiled eggs in the fridge, to cook Vespa some rice and add a chopped hard boiled egg as I felt he needed a little something and as the rice was cooking I sent a text to MM to do a little bit of shopping to shore up our supplies on his way home from his meeting.

Vespa thoroughly enjoyed the rice and egg. He enjoyed his rice and chicken breakfast even more and, because he has to be fed every 2-3 hours, he also enjoyed his lunch and I'm sure will be very grateful for another 3 meals today.

Meanwhile I cancelled my plans to go to another thing in Edinburgh today and stay home and dog sit. MM went away this morning for a weekend doing his stuff in the Lake District, so it's just me and my pup, who, in between rice and chicken meals, will be watching the French Open.

Just before the tennis started I took Vespa for a walk in the woods. I felt we both needed to get out and as the temperature is rising slightly, it seemed the right thing to do. He loved it, but I had to laugh because we came across a couple of people walking their 3 dogs and as Vespa and the dogs were all bouncing on their leads trying to have a sniff at each other a deer passed about 12 feet away from us and not one of the dogs even noticed!

So it's now an afternoon in front of the tv with everything crossed for Andy Murray. You never know. I mean who'd put a bet on a deer crossing in front of 4 dogs and not one of them seeing or smelling it, so strange things can and do happen. Let's hope that the strange thing of Novac Djokovic being knocked out of a semi-final happens too, but I'm not putting any bets on that one!

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