Monday, 15 June 2015

A curate's egg type of week

Well summer lasted 3 whole days in the Borders (I've actually put the heating back on tonight); Vespa had another bout of enteritis and is now on a different antibiotic; Mountain Man has been away, come home for a night and gone away again; and to top it all off I seem to have a problem with a tooth. Such is my life at the moment.

I actually had 3 meetings last week, 2 of them being last ones in my current job. The reality of changing from being 3/4 retired to being 7/8 retired is settling in now and I'm looking forward to finally finishing my job. It's been an immense 6 years and I feel I've put a lot into it, but the time's right for me to move on, however until then I've still got a bit to do and that's fine, but the end is in sight. I'll still have my London work, so don't worry folks I won't be totally workless!

Meanwhile I found myself getting beyond angry with Vespa over the weekend. There he was shitting liquid and on meds and what does he do? He finds some disgusting thing to eat on our walk and ran away from me when I tried to take it out of his mouth. There was part of me that thought it was very funny... something about the look in his eye when he just wants to be naughty... but there was a very large part that was far from amused. I think he got the message when I finally caught him and he was put on the lead and had to walk in disgrace for half a mile and then taken off the lead and made to lie down about every 100 feet and then wait until I called him.

Today Alex and Guide Dog pup Quaver came over and we went for a walk in the woods. The dogs had a brilliant time and it was lovely to see the 2 of them having such fun. And tomorrow is Guide Dog coffee morning so that should be fun too.

At least all this is keeping my mind off my tooth problem. I've managed to secure a dental appointment on Thursday, which I'm not looking forward to, though it'll be good to have it sorted.

So it's been a mixed bag since I last wrote on the blog, but I sure wish that curate's egg didn't seem a bit top heavy .

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