Sunday, 21 June 2015

Tweezer rescue

Late last night, as I was shutting the velux window in my bedroom, I managed to drop my tweezers out of the window and there they were on the roof - don't even ask how that happened! Tweezer rescue was on.

With Mountain Man away I had to get on with it myself, so I got the steps out and leaned as far out of the window as possible, but they were just out of reach. Next, I cleared the top of the chest of drawers that live just under the window and knelt on them, which is quite something for me as I have no knee in my right leg and kneeling is very uncomfortable, but when there's a rescue in operation there's nothing for it but to bear the pain and get on with it. This time as I leaned out my fingers just managed to grasp hold of the tweezers. Success!

But success comes at a price. As I clambered back I caught my knee and shin on the edge of the chest of drawers. Boy was that painful or what!

Next time I drop things out onto the roof I think they'll just have to stay there... or wait until MM is home... or actually a better way of managing would be to make sure I wasn't multitasking in the first place and just close the window. Simples.

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