Wednesday, 10 June 2015

It's arrived!

Yesterday saw me complaining that, so far, summer was rubbish, but by the late afternoon there I was sitting on the back stoop, sipping a glass of cold, white vino and reading my book, with Vespa lying down by my feet both of us enjoying the sun. What a change 12 hours can bring.

And this morning, here I am getting ready to go to Glasgow for a meeting today and it's bright, sunny and, above all, warm... hooray! Though of course I wish I could stay at home and enjoy being out in the sun instead of going to Edinburgh, getting on a train and then being inside for most of the afternoon before I head back home, where I'll no doubt arrive by the time the sun is just heading off. Oh well... can't have everything.

Apparently tomorrow is going to be summer too, so that's good, except I have another meeting to attend, this time in Edinburgh in the afternoon, which means I'll have the morning to enjoy being out and about catching some rays.

After that, the weather is supposed to revert to being grey and cloudy with rain for the weekend and temperatures back to 11 degrees.

Please don't let summer doesn't consist of just 2 days... PLEASE.

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