Thursday, 27 March 2014

More than one? No... really... no!

Don't you just love technology? I certainly do and I'm a real gadget queen as you already know.

I've had Kindle Paperwhite for a while now, which is brilliant for when I'm travelling, so imagine my horror when, just as I'm about to head off to London for the weekend, I discover my Kindle has gone awol.

Luckily I managed to find the receipt for it (there's something to be said for keeping all bits of paper), which I bought in John Lewis in Edinburgh less than a year ago and therefore still in warranty.

John Lewis were great. Not even an eyelid bat. They went to get another off the shelf, but the model I had (with wifi and 3G) wasn't in stock, just the one with wifi, so I came away with a new Kindle and £70 in my pocket - though to be honest I don't remember the old one being that much more expensive than the wifi only one.

I'm relieved that I'm now Kindled up and ready to travel. However, rather embarrassingly my new one has named itself 'Vee's 2nd Kindle'. As this is my only Kindle I'm a little pissed off and it won't let me rename it.

Anyone out there know how to get it to change it's name? Do let me know if you have an answer, otherwise if someone looks at it I will forever be known as the profligate person who has more than one Kindle.